Why Should You Choose SmarDen Over Other Smart Home Automation Brands?

Indians are very smart when it comes to investing money in the right place at the right time. And the whole world is very much into investing money right now and that world is also risking its money. But what is that one thing you should invest in that would guarantee a smart and luxurious living while being the best friend of your pocket? A place that would make your vacations a little more enjoyable?

A Smart Home!

We have so many home automation brands at our dispense that it can be confusing for someone who is just looking to automate their home for the first time. You need to be very well educated in order to make the right decision about investing your money at the right place and in the right manner.

Now people have been brainwashed into buying smart appliances separately which costs thousands of rupees and doesn’t even provide that much value in the long run. We are programmed in such a way that we follow the same process usually and often forget to use the smartness of those products and those products are not smart enough to remind us about their features. Basically, a waste of money. Don’t let that happen to you, because you don’t need to buy every smart gadget on the planet because we will make them do smart things for you.

Watch this video to know how to start your home automation journey at an affordable price. We will help you build your smart home, piece by piece. Invest in your Smart Home dream today and take your freedom back!

Choose SmarDen because we help you save energy!

That does two things, one for you and one for the planet. Oftentimes we forget to switch off our heavy-duty appliances like AC or Geyser which in turn leaves us with the threat of a hefty electricity bill or even worse, chances of short circuit. SmarDen prevents that from happening and saves money for you because it sends you notifications to remind you about that appliance you left running. Moreover, you don’t even have to go and switch off that appliance as you can do it right from our smart home app on your mobile, that too from anywhere in the world! When we save electricity like this, we do our bit to save the planet from extreme global warming. A win-win for all!

You don’t need separate gateways or hubs for our products!

SmarDen products are very much independent, just like you will be once you get them. Yeah, freedom is contagious! Usually, you have to buy a separate hub to be able to control your smart home products but that is not the case with us, you can connect SmarDen smart home products to the app via the wifi hub that is already there in your home. Little extra savings for you there! No additional hassle of installing another hub and dealing with it separately.

Want to automate an old house? We got you!

All of our products are retrofit, which means they fit right in your pre-existing wiring and you don’t have to worry about rebuilding or renovating your house in a destructive way. SmarDen’s home automation products are just like the finishing touches you need to complete a makeover and make your house look brand new.

Oh, we are also friends with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, so they work well with us!

Add it to your planner!

Add what to my planner, you ask? Just like you schedule your meetings and vacations, you can now schedule the appliances in your home with the help of SmarDen’s mobile app. You can set routines and schedules which when triggered will switch on or off a combination of appliances as per your liking. Guests are waiting at home? Play some nice music for them and turn the AC on, right from your car! Forgot to switch off the AC before leaving? SmarDen will do it for you because it knows that you’re in your office right now! How cool is that?

Enjoy your vacation for what it is, a break!

Do not worry about the safety of your house because we will tell you if something goes wrong and you can take the necessary action just in time. No more worries about a short circuit or someone breaking into your house. SmarDen has got your back, you live your life freely, without any obstacles!

SmarDen is a home automation brand that focuses on providing smart home products at an affordable price. We as a nation are lagging behind when it comes to smart home technology and brands need to know that it’s about time when the technology is made easily accessible and available at minimal prices. We need to think about the larger picture, smart homes should be a norm now. SmarDen provides the best and most affordable home automation products in Delhi NCR and delivers them all across the country. It has a range of products like a smart MCB, smart switches, an all-in-one IR blaster, and even a portable smart plug! You can find them all here.



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