How Smart is India When it Comes to Building Smart Homes?

Home Automation business has been booming in the west since the early 2000s now but why are we lagging behind when it comes to India? Why are people not aware of smart home technology? Does it cost a fortune? What can be done in the field of home automation for your home? How smart will your home actually be if you opt for this technology? We’ll be looking at these and many other points in this article.

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You must have seen people asking Amazon Alexa or Google to turn off the lights or maybe play the music etc, but how do we achieve that?

We achieve that with the help of the technology known as IoT or the Internet of Things. You can embed n number of devices with the internet and then operate them over the internet with the help of IoT. You can automate practically any electronic device by using IoT.

Initially, home automation was limited to controlling only the lights and fans or other small electronic devices but we've come a long way from that. From smart thermostats to smart ACs we have everything now. India is significantly behind when it comes to owning smart homes and one reason for that is the high cost charged by most home automation companies.

People are still under the impression that it is a luxury when actually it is easily accessible to the middle class as well. Companies like SmarDen are making it possible by keeping the cost as low as 70k INR when others are doing it for over 1.5L to 2L for a 3BHK apartment. Affordability is not an issue anymore.

What actually is home automation?

In simple terms, you can control all your electrical appliances with the help of a smartphone app or a hub. There are different kinds of home automation systems and they require different kinds of installations as well.

  1. You get the whole wiring redone from scratch.
  2. Get a hub installed where all your devices will be connected and then you can control them.
  3. Control them via the SmarDen app or Google/Amazon Alexa/Siri etc.
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What are some of the Notable Features of Modern-day Home Automation Systems?

I think by now you already know that turning your lights on and off is not all that it is about. You can control almost any and every device with the help of IoT technology!

Some of the many outstanding features of the Smart Home Technology are:

  1. Power Consumption Monitor

In India, we know that sometimes the electricity bill can go over the roof and we can’t really object to it! But now you can, because there are companies who are providing this feature so that you can actually monitor the power consumed by each of your automated appliances in your house! This feature helps you save electricity and your pocket both at the same time!

2. Smart Locking Systems

If you are like me who forgets her keys every time, then these are a blessing for you! You can lock or unlock your home via an app on your phone from practically anywhere in the world! It comes in handy when guests are coming over and they reach your home before you do so you can unlock the house for them from that busy traffic jam that you’re stuck in probably. Or maybe just give them temporary access to the unlock pin.

3. Security and Safety

You can access your CCTV camera footage from anywhere and see what is happening at home when you’re away, that too all on your phone. You also get notifications when anything suspicious happens behind your back like someone tries to enter the house or even if they just show up and go away.

4. Motion and Smoke Sensors

It is basically with the help of motion sensors that the system knows that someone has entered your premises. If there is a short circuit/fire/smoke anywhere in the house, you get a notification on your phone and so that you can take the action the situation worsens.

5. Setting Routines

You can set daily routines for your bigger appliances like your ACs or Geysers etc so that they can turn on and off on their own and you don’t have to worry about them.

6. Control is on your Fingertips

Sometimes I get awfully confused because no matter how hard I try I cannot remember if I turned the AC off or not! And I don't know about you but I cannot function well when I am constantly worried about my AC/Geyser etc! Thanks to apps like SmarDen where I can monitor all my devices and appliances and keep an eye on everything! And even if I leave that one light/fan on, I can turn it off from my phone, no matter where I am!

Photo by SmarDen on Instagram

What other features would you like to see in Indian Smart Homes?

Smart Homes in India are not that common and it’s about time that they are! The technology is very easily accessible and beneficial for us. It makes our life way more convenient and gives us the freedom to wander about freely!

An automated home is yours, your pocket’s and the planet’s best friend!

Making a Smart Home is not a luxury anymore and the possibilities are endless!

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