God or a Lie?

One of my friends recently posted a story on Instagram asking if God exists or not and it makes you think! What if it’s all a scam? What if there is no God?

Photo by Paul Keiffer on Unsplash

What I’m going to write ahead might offend most of you and that’s normal. To be honest I’d be worried if you don’t get affected by my statements! You know how we tell kids to sleep or else Gabbar ajayega. It’s 100% possible that a long time ago somebody took a lie too far and now here we are fearing a higher power! And I believe there’s nothing wrong with it, some humans definitely need a greater power to fear in order to not become animals!

But some are so terrified that they have stopped living their lives! They fear doing everyday things because they have to answer to God after they die. Umm, that’s no way to live!

We will make mistakes every step of the way, we are built that way. The best way to deal with mistakes is to learn from them and trying to not repeat them! According to me, freedom means being able to make mistakes and then learning from them, in your own time and at your own pace! And fear takes this away from us, especially fear of something that we have never seen! That does not even for a second means that we must eradicate fear from our lives! We must fear hurting other people for our own good!

Photo by Prado on Unsplash

There is definitely something more powerful than us, it’s our words. I’m sure you all must have seen witches and wizards casting spells in Vampire Diaries (or some other series), you know how they have to focus really hard to cast a spell and then the magic happens! That’s it! That’s exactly what we have to do! Focus and say the right thing and we will get it, eventually. We are all capable of making the magic happen! We pray to God and believe that he will give us what we want and because we have faith, we become serious about the thing and start doing it consistently and then we get the desired result. It’s you who is making stuff happen, nobody else, you and your determination.

You can tell yourself there is God or universe or a higher power or whatever, just believe in it, have faith, and start living! Make mistakes and learn from them, live a guilt-free life, leave the baggage behind.

I don’t know if God is real or not, but all of us are very much real, so keeping that in mind, it’s best to be kind to each other and you’re all set!

Let me know what you think!



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