Humans are bound to make countless mistakes throughout their lives, and one must learn to forgive for the sake of his own mental peace. But what happens when we don’t forgive a person for something they did?

The thing keeps eating us up and keeps us occupied unnecessarily is what happens. It consumes so much of our time and energy that could‘ve used somewhere else and as result would have produced a better outcome.

Forgiveness must come naturally, however, keeping in touch with that person depends on the type of mistake they made. A simple example for the same can be a vase broken by mistake or a vase broken intentionally to hurt someone because it had sentimental value for them.

Giving chances to a person who made a mistake being well aware of the outcome is the biggest mistake you’ll make. If one can make an intentional mistake once, they can or most probably will do it again. You must remove yourself from the company of such people right away.

Photo by Gus Moretta on Unsplash

I’ve known people who don’t know forgiveness and I’ve seen them suffering a great deal because of it. When you forgive a person you’re letting the thing go, as well as the negativity that comes with holding on to the person and the thing they did wrong.

Forgiving can be comparatively easy, forgetting however can be extremely challenging. Forgiving easily can give the impression that one is easy to manipulate and people often mistake kindness as stupidity and in that situation, nobody is more stupid than themselves.

It’s all about knowing the difference and balancing forgiving and forgetting to lead a peaceful life. Let all the things go that don’t serve you, forgive people and set yourself free, because it’s about you and not them. They’re probably not even sorry and you’re wasting your time thinking about it when you could be doing something productive.

Photo by Elisa Stone on Unsplash

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