Experience Home Automation with Blaze +5s, A Smart Switch for Home by SmarDen

What is Home Automation? Is it when all the appliances work as per your command? Kind of, yeah, but not really. Because the king can fall asleep and forget to give the command, that is when we need a smart home to take action on its own!

Why Home Automation?

When you automate your home, the appliances of your choice are connected to a hub or your WiFi with the help of a technology called the Internet of Things. All the appliances are embedded via the internet in order to share data and work in synchronization with each other. This allows you to control your home appliances with the help of an app on your phone. Developed countries have been in touch with the concept of home automation for so long that every house in those countries is automated but in India, it is still considered a luxury! It’s time we change it. As we are providing the best home automation products in Delhi NCR.

People hold back because they think that it is still unaffordable but let us tell you, it is not. In this article, we are going to tell you about a device that is a whole home automation package in itself! (drum roll) The Blaze +5S smart switches!

Blaze Smart Switches for home at affordable process.

Home Automation with a Smart Switch for Home!

You get the full home automation experience with the Blaze +5S as it is loaded with 4 smart switches 1 dimmer switch along with an IR Blaster and a sensor strip. All of these added features let you have a luxurious home automation experience at nominal prices and you can slowly build up your smart home from there. You get 4 smart switches in which you can add different lights, fans, or your other appliances in order to control them with your phone. The IR Blaster lets you control all your remote-controlled devices from our smart home app on your phone. The appliances that you can control with the app can be anything from a TV, AC, Set Top Box, Home theatre, or a Projector, basically, anything that can be controlled with a remote can be monitored via the app without having to use multiple remote controllers.

Watch the video to know more about how Blaze +5S works in real-time!

What does a smart switch with a sensor strip look like?

Let’s look at how the sensor strip makes the Blaze +5S smarter than the rest of the devices. The temperature of your room will be monitored and recorded in the app at all times. Now you’d think about how it is important for a smart home experience, let us tell you. The data recorded can be used in order for you to communicate with your appliances. (Yes, you can communicate with your appliances, because they are smart devices now!)

A workflow with smart switches is a routine you set for your appliances to tell them to behave in a certain manner when a condition is met. For example, when you set a workflow of the AC temperature being between 20–25 degrees Celsius, and the temperature falls down or goes up, the workflow will get triggered and Blaze+ will notify the SmarDen app to regulate the AC temperature. The same can be done with a fan and AC as well, the fan will turn on and off according to the condition set by you.

The workflow feature of the app is very simple and easy to use as it allows your appliances to be smart when you are not around to give them the necessary commands. Now we know that getting your home automated can be a big decision for people but SmarDen is working exactly on that thing, making it affordable and available to everyone. Blaze+ switches give you a mini home automation experience so that you get familiar with everything and can go ahead to automate your house further as your budget allows you to. Get your all-in-one smart switch for home today!

You can visit SmarDen’s website in order to check out more affordable home automation products in Delhi NCR. They have the best and sturdy smart switches for home.



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