I don’t understand why people hate clichés so much! In a way clichés are the traditional way of saying/doing something or something that is overused. How many of us actually follow these clichés or try them out before discarding them because they are too “mainstream”?

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All of us have heard that waking up early would solve most of our problems, or drinking 8 bottles of water would make our health a lot better than it is, or going to bed at least 2 hours before midnight would be better for our productivity and overall health, or meditating daily would improve our life quality and help us focus better etc. We all hear these things so many times in a day/week that we have come to hate them, may be because one of them is that if you keep repeating a thing over and over again, it loses its meaning!

Exactly my point, this last thing that I mentioned is a cliché and it’s true, so maybe the rest of them are too! Things are usually simpler than they seem and humans tend to overcomplicate things a bit too much! Maybe, just maybe following these simple clichés would make our pretty little existence a bit better. But some of us like to think that life would be dull because everything would be way too simple and predictable (I used to be this “some of us”).

I disagree with it now, for example, I know now that if I plan my day beforehand and wake up on time, I have plenty of time to achieve double the things that I otherwise would have done with half the dedication. I know that if I workout regularly that too for just about 3o minutes and drink water more than I do right now, it would make me feel a lot better and focused, and my skin would behave a thousand times better (no kidding!).

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

How do I know all this for sure? Because I tried to make these changes but unfortunately could not stick to them. According to me, this is one of the most difficult steps because it challenges us to unlearn most of our beliefs. This is the step that forces us to change our basic nature sometimes, and take it from me it’s not easy! It takes every ounce of you to not change when you’ve identified the problem and the solution is right in front of you. Every cell in your body becomes restless because you are not doing what is needed to be better. And to avoid feeling this anxious we discard the clichés.

To conclude, it’s not rocket science to know that we still hear the “clichés” for a reason, there has to be some truth in them. It’s all a matter of having strong willpower if you want to change yourself for your own good!

(Look at me preaching! Maybe because I am not doing all this for myself. :/)

I’d love to hear your take on this in the comments!



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