Celebrate a Smart Valentine’s this Year with SmarDen

Love is something that needs to be celebrated each and every day of our lives. We tend to get busy in life and forget about these little things that must be cherished regularly. Valentine’s week is the perfect chance for us to dedicated the much-needed time to our loved ones. It’s right to be called the “week of love”. The question is how a smart home will help you in achieving this feat of making valentine’s extra special this year. Let’s take you on a smart date!

Gifting something to your Loved ones

Everyone expects traditional gifts like a box of chocolates or a teddy or romantic date in s fancy hotel, which is not possible at the moment because of the pandemic. But, SmarDen has got you with their thoughtful gifting ideas. You cannot go out but you can surely take the ambiance of the date to their home. Gift them a smart switch and help them ease their daily life routine. A lot can be done in a smart home for your beloved or your loved ones, as you will see in the next few points. You can also automate your parents’ or grandparents’ rooms/ homes so they don’t have to get up to control the switches every other minute.

Plan a Long Distance Date Night

Get access to their smart home and get to work. I would recommend getting the access a few weeks before so they don’t get suspicious. Order some food and set up a Scene on your smartphone app. Dim the lights and play their favorite music with just one tap. Set the mood for your long-distance partner from miles away and get on video date with them, what could be better than this? I assure you they’d be delighted to have you in their life!

That one Surprise Date

When you live together life sometimes becomes mundane and the daily routine gets the best of you. But when you have a smart home, you can change things with a few taps on your smartphone screen. Got a workaholic partner? SmarDen will help you prepare for your surprise date with them, order takeout, and go for a drive. Trigger the scene before you come back and enjoy the joyous surprised look on their face.

Relax this Valentine’s Day

Are you single and all this valentine’s hype making you a bit agitated? Relax bud, like literally relax. Take a day off and spend a day with yourself. Read a book, trigger that relaxing routine you have on your home automation app, and just let the day pass by. Call your family, or maybe even surprise them with a visit. The smart security system will take care of your home when you’re away.

Celebrate this valentine’s with your loved ones in utmost elegance and style and SmarDen will take care of your worries. SmarDen specializes in taking care of the customer’s requirements. Gifting smart home products this valentine’s day would be the perfect thoughtful gift and a nice investment for you. A smart home caters to you in such a way that everything you do in a day becomes easy as pie and your worries about your home are completely thrown out of the window. Get started with your home automation journey and get in touch with SmarDen



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