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Are you interested in knowing how a smart home works and what kind of arenas are there in home automation technology? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article tells you about how you can upgrade your home into a smart home with little to no hassle. Let’s have a look at the things we will be covering here:

· What Is Smart Home Technology?
· How Does Smart Home Technology Benefit You?
· Different Kinds of Smart Home Gadgets
· Where does SmarDen come in the picture?
· SmarDen Home Automation Mobile Application
· Costing Estimate for Upgrading to a Smart Home in India

What Is Smart Home Technology?

You might have heard of devices connected to the internet? And if you haven’t, you are missing out on some really astonishing technology of the times. No, we are not talking about the smartphone or computers but every other thing that seems impossible to connect with the internet, for instance, your home appliances or even clocks!

Here’s an add-on, what if we say these devices can communicate with you as well. Fascinating right? It’s the IoT, the key to the concept of home automation or simply saying smart homes. Automating the appliances and controlling them with the internet is the core of home automation devices. From appliances to curtains and even doors, everything is just a touch away or command away from operating. IoT lets you embed your home appliances to the internet and then you can control them with the help of your wifi router and your phone, from practically anywhere in the world. “It might be expensive” if the question keeps coming back to you, let it be. Because smart home technology requires your time and money to be invested in for giving you the desired comfort.

Some smart gadgets for home are inexpensive and can turn your normal home into a smart home within a budget. But for those appliances and gadgets that are not expensive, you can make them smart with the help of smart home technology. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the utmost comfort and luxury, you’ll be needing investment!

Smart home gadgets can be a dream gift option for anyone you love. You are not just giving them luxury but safety and comfort as well.

How Does Smart Home Technology Benefit You?

Home Automation can be a game-changer and soon it will be the norm in India. When you think of investing your money in a smart home you take into consideration a lot of things like security, savings, safety, comfort and luxury. The benefits of a smart home are not limited to just these, there are countless things to take advantage of when you get your home automated.

Let us look at some of the benefits of owning a Smart Home:

Comfort & Luxury: When you spend your money on smart technology you are aiming for comfort and luxury among other things. Automating your home makes it smart which can be a flex for many. The luxury of automatic light and appliances is unmatched and the possibilities are endless. You can automate anything and everything, you won’t have to worry about entering a warm home on a hot day because you will be able to turn the AC on the way home and enter into a cold, welcoming home.

Monitor & Control: A smart home gives you the luxury of monitoring your home and the appliances from anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to worry about having left a light on or leaving the door unlocked. You get to see the functioning of all your appliances on your phone or your tablet even when you are away from home.

Safety & Security: When you make a huge decision of converting your existing home into a smart home, you think of how secure it is going to be. It is possible and expected that the doubt of security creeps in because all the appliances are connected to the internet. The smart home is connected to the WIFI of your home and all the data is exchanged from a safe cloud. Safety on the other hand is taken care of by the physical smart gadgets that are located in your homes like motion sensors, smoke detectors and temperature sensors. These smart devices make sure that your house stays safe when you’re away by sending you notifications about anything unusual.

Remote & Mobile Control: The best part about automating your home is that you can control and monitor your home from your mobile phone. IR Blasters are something that you can use to control multiple remote-controlled devices. There are some phones that can do that for you but what if your phone does not have a built-in IR blaster? Fret not because your phone can still do that with smart or all in one IR Blasters and you can say bye to your 10 remotes forever.

Savings & Power Consumption: Did we say that the best part of a smart home is that you can control it with your smartphone from anywhere? Wait, that is not it. The best thing is that you can save money! That too, lots of it. When you get the notification that you left home but forgot to turn the light/AC off and you turn it off from your home, it saves you money. How? For one, you don’t have to drive back or leave it running for the whole day! When this extra consumption is reduced you lessen your electricity bill and in turn help the planet. You can even see how much power has been consumed by a particular appliance for the time it was left on.

These are only some of the many benefits of a good smart and efficient home.

Different Kinds of Smart Home Gadgets

There are countless types of smart home gadgets available in the market and the number is growing continuously. There was an era of smart appliances but you don’t have to waste your money on smart appliances anymore because the IoT is capable of automating any and everything that runs on electricity. Let us have a look at some of these smart gadgets for the home.

Smart Switches: As the name suggests, these switches let you make any appliance of your choice into a smart device or appliance. You can control any light, fan, AC or anything with the help of smart switches. The kind of appliances that can be controlled with these switches depends on the ability of the switches, there are separate switches to control the heavy-duty appliances like ACs, heaters and home theatres.

Smart Door Lock: When you go away from home for a vacation or for the office a part of you is always worried about the possibility of something wrong happening in your home in your absence. Home automation devices can help you ease your mind because a smart door lock can be managed from anywhere in the world with your phone or web apps. There are times when we are in a hurry and we make the mistake of leaving our house unlocked. This won’t happen anymore because you can lock it or check if it is locked from your phone.

Smart Video Door Bell System: A smart bell system lets you interact with your guests from your phone. You don’t have to go to the door and answer the intercom in order to check who is on the door. The camera lets you see who is on your door and if you want to let them in, you can unlock the door right from your phone. These can come in handy when for older people who are or are bound to a wheelchair.

Smart MCB: Smart MCBs are circuit breakers used to prevent disasters from happening. These are used for heavy-duty appliances and they turn off by default if there is a change in the current. These can go off when you’re not home and you might want to turn them back on and that can be done with the help of a smart MCB. Smart home applications let you check the power consumed and all the other important details as well.

Smart Curtain Controller: A Smart curtain controller lets you control the curtains right from the comfort of your home. These can be useful for theatre curtains as well. All of this can be done with the help of a smart home application or web apps.

Sensors: These sensors send notifications to you and people of your choice when some suspicious activity happens at your smart home or smart office. The motion sensors detect if someone enters the property unauthorized. The smoke detectors on the other hand take care if there is a fire somewhere. You get a notification about all this so that action can be taken before something irrecoverable damage takes place.

Smart Plugs: A smart plug is essentially a portable smart switch that can control and automate any appliance. The portability of a smart plug is the best part of this smart home gadget. These can automate and monitor even the heavy-duty appliances in remote places where smart home automation products couldn’t have reached otherwise.

Sense Touch Switch: A sense touch switch is integrated with touch sensors that let the current flow when we touch it. The working is just like that of a smartphone’s touch screen. This smart switch has a touch screen on it instead of having physical switches. These do well if you have certain decor preferences.

Smart Streetlight Controller: We have talked about the things that make your home and offices smart, now let us see how we can help a city become smart. A street light controller works on a bigger scale and can do wonders when brought into action. These can be very beneficial for bigger companies or government authorities if they want to automate a stretch in their building or the whole city which lets them control these smart street lights from their homes. This helps them detect if there is some problem with these lights and then they can correct it as soon as possible and get back to work. These can bring a huge change because these lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at set times which in turn saves a lot of electricity.

Where does SmarDen come in the picture?

SmarDen Automations Private Limited is a home automation company based out of the Delhi NCR. We have been working on making smart homes affordable for people from every walk of life by making our products available at an affordable price. We believe in providing value and comfort to our customers and we do that by offering tremendous savings that our users make by converting their existing homes into smart homes. The cost of a home automated by SmarDen remains anywhere between 20,000 INR to 3L INR for a 3 BHK apartment. We are proud to tell you that the success rate of our smart home gadgets is 99.37%!

SmarDen offers retrofit smart home solutions, meaning your existing home can be turned into a fully functioning smart home without any rewiring or damage. All our products go either right behind your switchboard converting it into a smart switchboard or they plug into them or your charger sockets. Anyone can automate and control their home on their own with SmarDen’s smart home gadgets. SmarDen Mobile application gives you the freedom to control any and everything from your phone without having to move an inch from where you are!

SmarDen Home Automation Mobile Application

Our app comes with several features that let you control and monitor your home with much more ease. Some of these many features are:

  1. Scheduling: You can schedule your devices and appliances to turn on at a certain time according to your requirements.
  2. Workflows: Workflows are conditional scheduling of appliances, for example, you can tell the AC to maintain the temperature of your room within your required range. Say, the temperature needs to be over 16°C but not more than 24°C, so the workflow would get triggered if the temperature goes above or below these values.
  3. Routines: A routine is basically the scheduling of certain devices to be turned on or off at a certain time on a daily basis or days set according to you. Routines are triggered on their own at a set time.
  4. Scenes: A scene is exactly like a routine but it only gets triggered when you press the button on the app screen or dashboard. It is not automatic, you can set a few devices to behave in a certain way and once that is done, all those devices can be managed with this one button.
  5. Power Consumption: You can see how many units are consumed by a particular appliance or device in your home. It lets you save electricity and plays a big role in your savings.
  6. Auto-Off Timer: You can schedule an appliance to turn off automatically, say the geyser will turn off after 30 minutes once it’s turned on. No need to worry about leaving it on the whole day.
  7. History of Appliances: You can see when a certain appliance was turned on and by who, and the time it was on for and how much electricity was used by it.
  8. Remote Access: You can manage and monitor your smart home and all the smart gadgets from anywhere in the world. All the details can be found on the dashboard of your apps.
  9. Device Warranty Status: You have to scan a QR code of the smart device that you have installed in your home in order to connect it to the WiFi and be able to use it via the app. The app shows you the Warranty status of the products as well.
  10. Running Time: Running time of a device can be seen on the app itself.
  11. Voice Control: SmarDen Smart home devices come integrated with voice control and the app helps you access this feature seamlessly. You can ask Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa to turn on the lights.

SmarDen is one of the best home automation systems in India because, with us, you can save money and energy while doing your bit for the planet while taking the advantage of a smart home. We sell some of the most affordable home automation products in Delhi NCR. We saw a dream of making India smart and it has finally started happening with the support of our happy and satisfied customers. SmarDen has been and will keep working towards making luxury affordable for everyone. Click here to look at the range of products available at SmarDen shop and start your home automation journey with us today!

Costing Estimate for Upgrading to a Smart Home in India

A good smart home is one that can control your devices efficiently according to your wishes and commands. The cost varies according to the area that needs to be covered and the kind of automation that a particular user requires. There are various parameters that need to be considered before opting for a smart home. Oh, and you don’t need to be building a new home to be able to own an automated home, there are devices that can convert your existing home into a smart home.

There are multiple parameters that we consider before offering the user what kind of automation would suit them well. These parameters are the number of switches needed in a home, the number of sensors, and extra appliances if needed. These appliances can be Smart TVs, Smart Mosquito, IB camera, Nanny Cams, Smart Vacuums, Microwave, Smart Heaters, smart humidifiers, smart coffee makers, thermostats, smart curtain controllers, smart fireplace, flame control, smart refrigerator, etc. among a thousand others. All of these can be integrated in your smart home package.

The prices are defined according to the above-mentioned framework and what the user needs in their home. A simple smart home can cost from 20K-50K INR and a fully automated home with smart home gadgets can cost up to 3–5 Lac INR depending on the area that needs to be covered among other needs of the user. A basic smart home can have just the smart switches or IR Blaster with them, and when you upgrade to a better one, you opt for the smart security system as well.

When it comes to luxury and comfort a basic 20–50K smart home does all that is needed, but when you opt for a fully automated home, you get everything you want from smart switches to smart appliances, smart doors locks, power monitoring to a smart security system for your home. All of these things can be controlled and managed from your phone in most cases. (The prices mentioned are an estimate for a 3BHK apartment.)

SmarDen helps you choose the right plan according to your needs and requirements. Home automation can be a vast field for people who are new to the concept of smart homes. We help you in making the right decision and prevent the whole change from getting too overwhelming for you. SmarDen analyzes the area that needs to be automated and what will work the best for a certain person. This helps you understand everything better so you can use the smart home/office to its full potential while taking the advantage of luxurious and comfortable space.

Watch our YouTube video to understand the process better:

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