Are Smart Homes a Necessity or a Luxury? Let’s Find Out!

Undoubtedly, one of the most important technological advances in today’s time is the smart home, which brings comfort, convenience, and luxury at the same time. The ability to control one’s life with the greatest ease appeals to almost everyone, right? A smart home in India serves you the desired mental peace and reduced unwanted efforts. Let’s unwrap it a bit for you to make the differentiation a little easier on the topic of “if smart homes in India are a necessity or a luxury”.

Everyone Needs the Safest Smart Home in India

Whenever we talk about smart homes in India, our brains focus on the safety aspect that is being provided by these homes. You can now enjoy utmost safety and security in your day-to-day lives thanks to home automation systems in India.

Every Indian today is concerned about their safety, whether it be from burglars, thieves, or short-circuiting, so any reliable solution to feel safe in their homes is essential. A smart home becomes a necessity for everyone in India at this point. Various smart home devices like smart MCB protects you from the uncertainties such as sudden power cuts or short-circuiting whereas other devices like motion sensors defend you from the sudden arrival of an intruder. Think about being out with your family on a long drive when you have this feeling that something is going to go wrong. Is it possible to let it go immediately by checking the history of who operated the appliance last? Alternatively, a motion sensor would definitely be your savior in time of need.

Electricity Bills Can Be Reduced with Smart Homes

Electricity bills are another major concern for Indians. We will definitely pay more attention to reduced energy consumption and electricity bills regardless of who we are. Smart homes definitely save you money on energy bills and energy consumption. The days when your sibling used to keep the lights and fans on before leaving the house and hide the T.V remote are gone. All you need is a smart home! Keeping track of your house’s appliances’ energy consumption will always keep you informed. To avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future, you can check who uses the appliances and who leaves them on.

Guaranteed Convenience with a Smart Home

Yes, we are talking about elders and their caretakers who need our full attention as they age. Smart homes in India are a great concept for our elder people. Every time these lights need to be turned on, they find it really stressful and difficult to get up. This is when the home automation system in India made its debut and relieved native Indians of many such troubles. Controlling appliances, scheduling appliances or even creating routines is possible. All their worries have vanished with home automation. It is for this reason that home automation in India should be considered essential.

Having discussed enough about home automation being a source of comfort and convenience, let’s take a look at how and why it is called luxury, and what you need to do in order to live a luxurious life without breaking your bank balance.

Smart Homes Need You to Invest a Handful Amount

To feel like a king, you will need some cash!

Give us a cheer if you’ve heard this before but what if we say it isn’t that expensive to feel the luxury?

Definitely, you need to spend some money to get started with the seamless experience of smart homes in India; however, the point that needs your attention is that it’s a one-time investment, so you don’t have to keep reinstalling the devices. This depicts how smart homes can provide you with the desired luxury without costing you much!

Wirelessly Installed Smart Homes in India

Another major point that shows smart homes in India as a luxury is their installation process. Making your ordinary home smart isn’t something you can do on your own. You need a little assistance but the fact that is highly appreciated by most people is that a smart home doesn’t need rewiring of your complete house. With these smart home devices, you can experience wireless installation as they are installed right behind your switchboard. Our home looks luxurious with wireless installation and smart homes need some assistance.

Smart Homes in India Need Good Internet Connection

There is no escaping the fact that in India a smart home requires a great deal of Wi-Fi. All appliances are connected to IoT through Wi-Fi. Most Indians lack access to the internet, so they cannot enjoy the luxury of a smart home.

What if, on the other hand, you could access your appliances and live the best possible lavish life even with a bad internet connection?

That’s how simple things are with the Internet of Things; you can operate your appliances even if your internet connection is bad or there is no internet connection at all if they are on the same wifi network!

It is a necessity as well as a luxury to have smart home technology. In addition to meeting your necessities with luxury, there are many Indian brands available. You only need a reliable service provider in India to make your smart home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money installing technology there.

SmarDen is one such brand that is determined to provide affordable home automation services to Indians as well as the world! It’s about time that India got smart homes and made them the norm, because other countries are way ahead in the league and we need to catch up! Indians are reluctant to put their money in such projects unless they know for sure that the whole thing is fail proof and will generate more profit than it costs. Smart homes are just that, no rewiring, no extra costs, no maintenance costs, nothing. Just one time investment and then you save loads of money while helping out mother nature thrive by not wasting electricity at all. Alright, let me know what you think, is a smart home a necessity or luxury?



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